Q: What is your return policy

A: All sales are final. There will be no refunds or returns. Only exception would be the off chance that I mailed out the wrong item, in which case, please contact me if you have any issues through email

FAQ for Shop Opening 12/6


Shop opens Friday Dec 6th and will be open for one week and close on December 13th midnight (13th going into 14th).


Restock Dates: 

Dec 6th: 12 MIDNIGHT EST (going into 7th)

Dec 7th: 12 NOON GMT  (EU timezone)

Dec 8th: 10 PM GMT +8 (Asia timezone)


Restocks will only apply to the below items:

  • Mono Series Pins

  • Cherry Kook Set Pins

  • Namu Set Pins

  • SFA Wooden Charm

  • Namu Wooden Charm

  • Serendipity Jimin Wooden Charm

Restock amounts will be determined based off of poll. Those percentages will then be applied to the amount of pins I have graded and those will be the amount that will be listed up. These are all items that either have low stock or that I anticipate will sell out fast. Other items will just be listed up on Friday.

First 20 people who use HOHOHOLIDAYS will be getting a bonus freebie from me!

This will be split 5 uses per restock for a total of 20 uses!

(Discount code will take a cent off your order because I couldn’t put 0 as the value)

Q: Will there be group orders?

A: No, there will not be group orders for in stock shop openings.

Q: Will there be combined shipping?

A: If an order is placed within 24 hours, I should be able to combine shipping! Shipping refunds will not be sent until I'm actually packaging items, so please keep that in mind. I will also write down on a copy of your invoice (that gets sent with your order) the order numbers that are combined as well as the shipping refund date.

Please keep in mind that paypal has changed its refund policy, because of this I will be subtracting the non-refundable fees from the total refund amount.

Q: How is shipping calculated?

A: Shipping is calculated based off of how much of an item you buy. Please keep in mind that if you buy a SET of mono pins, this will increase your shipping amount because the mono set is incredibly heavy. I’m using the cheapest priced tracked shipping, so unfortunately, I cannot do anything about the costs (especially for international orders).

Q: Will the mono pins be available as a discount set?

A: Yes, for this pre-order there will be a set of 7 and a set of 8 available in both standard and B grades. They will also be available as single pins as well.


Please refer to my grading guide for a more in depth explanation of my pin grades! For a truncated version, please read below:

I have three grade: Standard, B, & C/Seconds.

As pins are handmade, enamel is hand mixed and pins are hand filled. Please understand that there is no such thing as a perfect pin, so there occasionally will be very minor errors.

Standard graded pins are the best pins out of the batch that I have received. Specifically for more detailed pins, this can tend to be subjective as the definition of standard changes from person to person. But my standard graded pins generally are ones that are the closest to unblemished as possible out of the batch. There may be small imperfection, but those are usually negligible/not noticeable

B grade will have small imperfections that are more noticeable. This can include dust or very minor/light scratches on the enamel or metal, small areas of overfill, small holes, and incorrect colors in small areas

And C grades/seconds are pins that that have noticeable flaws like large underfilled enamel, dips, large areas of incorrect color fill & multiple holes

Please also understand that due to volume, there may be human error when it comes to grading as I normally do a glance over to check for unified fill, metal, and color so there is a possibility that I've missed something. That and lighting, I usually grade my pins at night without natural light, so that also can impact things that are noticeable to me.

If you think you've received an incorrectly graded pin, please let me know and we can work something out.