Q: What is your return policy

A: All sales are final. There will be no refunds or returns. Only exception would be the off chance that I mailed out the wrong item, in which case, please contact me if you have any issues through email

FAQ for Pre-Order

Q: When will pre-orders start?

A: Pre-orders for MONO PINS will be available as SLOTS this time, meaning that there will not be unlimited preorders like last time.

Non-mono pins will have a separate timeline as I'm currently still waiting to hear back quote from my manu.

Q: What does pre-order mean?

A: A pre-order pin means that these pins are NOT onhand and will need to be funded in order to be made. Please note that the manufacturing process can take anywhere up to 1-3 months, so if you can’t wait that long, PLEASE DO NOT PRE-ORDER A PIN. Especially since I will no longer do refunds. There will be a stock sale once all pre-orders have been shipped where the remainder will be put up for sale, if you would like to by an on hand pin, please wait until I have my stock sale.

For mono series estimated wait time will be around 2-3 months (hopefully shorter since I already have the molds on file)

For all other non mono-series, the estimated wait time for pre-orders will be 1-2 months.


If you pre-order and file a claim against me before I received the pins, you will be blacklisted from my shop indefinitely. I leave my FAQ up before the shop opening to give everyone a chance to review my terms and conditions, failure to comply will result in you being black listed.

Q: What do the different grades mean?

A: The grades represent pin grades with Standard being the best and Seconds/C grades being the worst.

  • Standard Grade: More or less a pin that has no visible imperfections

  • B Grade: Pin has minor imperfections that aren’t too noticeable or do not takeaway from the overall appearance, examples of this include dust, random glitter specs, and very faint scratches.

  • C grade/Seconds: Pins that have noticeable defects which include underfilled enamel, holes/dots, and heavy scratches on the metal.

For mono preorders, I’m opening slots for standard AND B grade sets because I am anticipating getting B grades (worst comes to worst and they’re all standard by some miracle, B grade sets will be upgraded to standard at no charge)

Q: Will there be group orders?

A: Yes, there will be group orders, please check my merch IG (@DISSUMERCH) or twitter for a list of GOMS! Please note that your GOM will be responsible for getting your pins to you and I am not liable once I have shipped everything to you GOM!


Q: Will there be combined shipping?

A: Due to the fact that I’m not using the same manufacturer for mono vs the non-mono pins, I will not do combined shipping if you order both mono & non mono pins since I’ve found that it’s messed me up during the shipping process. I will have a differently pre-order timeline for the non-mono pins. However if you order multiple of mono preorders OR non-mono pins, those can be combined as long as they are placed within 24 hours of each other. Shipping will be refunded before I ship (after the pins arrive)

Only exception for combined shipping non-mono and mono pins are group orders.

As these are pre-orders, if your address changes during this time, PLEASE email me at with you name, order number, old address, and new address. If you know in advance that your address might change, please note it in the comment section during checkout so I can follow up with you via email when it comes time to ship!

Q: How is shipping calculated?

A: Shipping is calculated based off of how much of an item you buy. Please keep in mind that if you buy a SET of mono pins, this will increase your shipping amount because the mono set is incredibly heavy. I’m using the cheapest priced tracked shipping, so unfortunately, I cannot do anything about the costs (especially for international orders).

Q: Will the mono pins be available as a discount set?

A: Yes, for this pre-order there will be a set of 7 and a set of 8 available in both standard and B grades. They will also be available as single pins as well.

Q: What is the timeline for production?


Pre-order period through my shop is 7/21-7/29

Production is estimated to take roughly 2-3 months


It depends on when I get quotes back

Preorders will last 1-2 weeks

Production should take 1-2 months

For GOMs:

Mono pin pre-order period is now until 7/25 (nighttime) EST

Non-MONO pins TBD


Please note I have three grade: Standard, B, & C/Seconds.

As pins are handmade, enamel is hand mixed and pins are hand filled. Please understand that there is no such thing as a perfect pin, so there occasionally will be very minor errors.

Standard graded pins are the best pins out of the batch that I have received. Specifically for more detailed pins, this can tend to be subjective as the definition of standard changes from person to person. But my standard graded pins generally are ones that are the closest to unblemished as possible out of the batch.

B grade will have small imperfections that are more noticeable. This can include small dust or very minor/light scratches on the enamel or metal, but nothing too major that takes away from the pin.

And C grades/seconds are pins that that have noticeable flaws like underfilled enamel, dips, & holes

Please also understand that due to volume, there may be human error when it comes to grading as I normally do a glance over to check for unified fill, metal, and color so there is a possibility that I've missed something. That and lighting, I usually grade my pins at night without natural light, so that also can impact things that are noticeable to me.

If you think you've received an incorrectly graded pin, please let me know and we can work something out.